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I have always taken pleasure in connecting with people—whether in the context of philanthropy or advocacy. Naturally, I became a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and it has afforded me the opportunity to nurture, and facilitate healing within family systems, especially within the black and Haitian community.  Throughout my life, I first-handedly discerned the void of mental health within the Haitian community, which propelled my interest in playing a role to bridge the gap between generational and contemporary systemic issues.


In addition to my fervor for mental hygiene, I pride myself in cultivating awareness in wellness of self.  I find delight in sharing my personal knowledge and experiences in following a vegetarian/plant-based diet for almost fifteen years while also being an enthusiast of all-things fitness.  


Similarly,  I share an interest in natural hair care and encouraging women to embrace their hair in its truest form. Having been natural my entire life, I have encountered both triumphs and tragedies when it comes to sustaining healthy hair.  Through it all, I have found that patience has always proven to be the greatest tool in maintaining natural hair.

In lieu of these aforementioned feats, I am learning the art of retaining balance, especially after becoming a wife and mother.  


Every day I am learning to implement balance as I carve out space to be in touch with who I am creatively and professionally, while also being there for my husband and our son. While there’s no true recipe for perfection in this area, I am perpetually upholding and empowering others, especially women, to learn to pour into themselves while pouring into others as to avoid feeling depleted.  


I have been featured on many natural hair blogs and social platforms as well as Essence Magazine.  Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several established natural hair companies such as Shea Moisture, Luster’s Pink and Curls.  


Overall, I  hope to continue to relate with others in hopes to encourage others to curate a lifestyle that fosters equilibrium amongst mental health, wellness, familial relationships and embracing natural hair.  

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