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30-Day Writing Challenge?

A few days ago, I was on the phone with a friend of mine (whom you all may know as @beauty_skindeep on Instagram). I expressed to her that I wanted to journal and write more. Historically, both of us are writers--mostly poetry and spoken word. With motherhood and marriage, we both concluded that while writing is still a major component of how we express ourselves, we haven't exactly been as diligent in creative writing as we once were.

I explained to her that as a psychotherapist, I encourage writing and journaling as a healing skill as it is empirically proven to be an effective coping mechanism. Yet, I haven't necessarily been journaling the way I used to. Only sporadically. I'm constantly writing every day: treatment plans, progress notes, blog content, business documents, etc. Here and there, I'll even write a spoken word piece if I'm invited to recite it at an event but I haven't necessarily been engaging in the level of writing that is written by me FOR me.

Beau suggested that we do a 30-day writing challenge where we write everyday for thirty consecutive days. I was ecstatic at the idea and we decided that we should extend it to our followings to see if you all were interested.

So, what's the scoop?

All you really have to do is find time to jot a few words down that expresses your current state. It can be something you're grateful for that day, it can be an affirmation, something you're struggling with in that moment, a triumph, a tribulation, a quote, a literary piece, etc. Short, long, raw, whichever--so long as you're staying in tune with who you are via writing.

You'll be quite surprised at how helpful this is, more than on a literary level. Writing can be very therapeutic, allowing you to be in touch with your conscious and subconscious self. Often times, we are so conditioned to suppress our creativity or our emotions because of it not being the appropriate time to explore it on a deeper level or people in our lives not being receptive to how we express ourselves, etc. Therapeutic writing offers a layer of healing and processing with the "self" in ways that processing out loud can't sometimes satisfy.

So, give it a try. Visit our Instagram stories (@forcurlssake and @beauty_skindeep) to keep up with the challenge whether you're a viewer or a participant. Also, as a bonus, if you're comfortable, tag us in your daily writing pieces for an opportunity for us to share it on our stories.

Happy writing!

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