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This post highlights spiritual wellness which I believe to be an important and often neglected part of our overall being—wellness from within.  This year, I have been most intentional about tending to my spirit. It isn’t an easy journey but I feel whole when I am turning to God for guidance.  

Let’s be honest though, with a full-time career, juggling being a wife/mother, as well as being in touch with all of my creative endeavors, there is little time for “self.” Still, I am challenging myself and am extending this challenge to you all to also create time to be spiritually attuned.  For me, that means being in connection with Christ and humbling myself by seeking his word and instruction through daily devotions.

Humility breeds prosperity

There are plenty of devotionals out there and I will ALWAYS favor hard-copy books over electronic versions but what I’ve found to be really helpful for this stage of my level of spiritual growth is the Bible app. No, this is not a sponsored post—just speaking from experience. It has been the most convenient mechanism in keeping in touch with God on the go. It has taken me a while to build this level of consistency but I’ve been sticking with it. The app is wonderful in helping to facilitate accountability as well because it allows you to add people as peers and it also keeps an ongoing tally of your participation in the app—the moment you miss a day, the tracker resets itself and you start over.  Not to mention, the app has TONS of spiritual resources, including visual, audio and concrete literature.

I say, give it a try. Find something that works for you to keep yourself grounded and guided. Humility breeds prosperity.

Light and love all,

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