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February 27, 2014

Hey guys! Many of you have been asking me for the recipe to my homemade protein treatment. Honestly, I have many variations of my homemade protein treatments depending on what I have lying around in my kitchen and what I feel like my hair needs at the moment. 

Recently, I straightened my hair (let me know if you’d like to know about my hair straightening routine) and I wanted to do a protein treatment to strengthen my hair after applying heat to my curls.  The end results were fab. My curls sprung back, heat damage free!

So…when or why should you do a protein treatment? Protein treatments are essential to maintaining your hair’s health because it replaces the amino acids we may lose through excessive styling (i.e. heat).  Keep in mind that our hair may also be weakened in heat-free styles so it’s best to do them once a month as a precaution. So, protein treatments help to rebuild our hair’s strength while toggling issues with dryness, breakage, heat damage and split ends (Lindberg-McFarland, 2014).


f using heat on your hair, you can opt to do a protein treatment before and after you straighten your hair for prevention and reparation but I only do them after my hair’s been straightened.  On these wash days, I usually start with the protein treatment, then I wash my hair, deep condition it and apply a leave-in conditioner before I style.  Keep in mind that deep conditioning your hair is highly recommended after doing a protein treatment since the treatment can be very drying which can lead to breakage–defeating the purpose of the treatment altogether.

You can always buy a protein treatment because there are plenty on the market but I find that I enjoy homemade ones because they do the same for less money! Remember, some people may be protein sensitive meaning their hair cannot take large doses of protein at once so you should look into lighter forms of protein treatments for your hair.

So here’s the mixture I used this time around:

1 Whole Egg

[Although most of the protein is found in the white part of the egg, you’ll need the moisturizing  nutrients from the yolk as well since protein treatments can be very drying to your hair]

3 TBS of plain Greek Yogurt (Whatever brand will do)

[As you know Greek Yogurt is packed with protein, so this is an added protein boost! This also gives the mixture a creamier consistency which is easier to work since eggs are very runny and messy]

4 TBS of Extra Virgin Olive Oil(Or an oil of your choice–make sure it’s pure or unrefined to get all the oil’s benefits)

[As I mentioned before, protein treatments can be very drying to your hair so any added moisture to your hair throughout the process is love for your hair strands]

And that’s it! Leave on for 15-30min  placing a conditioning/shower cap over your head.

Don’t sit under a dryer though or you’ll begin to cook the mixture in your hair which will make it hard to rinse out. You should also use cool water to rinse the mixture out for the same reason!

You can always add other ingredients but I like to keep it simple if I’m only looking to do a protein treatment versus a deep conditioning one. Other natural sources of protein are avocados and coconut milk so if you’re someone who is sensitive to protein treatments you can consider experimenting with these to create a lighter protein treatment of your own. You can also add bonus ingredients such as honey for added shine to your hair or bananas for strength, moisture and prevention of split ends. Keep in mind that you may want to blend mixtures that contain avocados and bananas because even when ripe, you can still find little bits of them in your hair.

Have you created homemade protein treatments? What were your recipes? I’d like to hear!

Thanks again for your support, please continue to spread the news of this blog and comment with any questions below! Til next time…

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