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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

March 14, 2015

Hey curls and frolistas!

Thinking of becoming natural or just started your natural hair journey? Congrats! I can

say from experience that it’s a journey that you won’t regret.  I’m sure you hear so many opinions when you hear someone is natural. I’m here to share that they’re not all true.  Of course, everyone’s entitled their perception and personal experiences but most of my commitment as a natural hair blogger is to share with you all my truth and my personal journey. So…let’s talk and delve into those myths of going natural!

MYTH #1:  “Being natural is hard….”

In my opinion, being natural isn’t hard at all.  People see my length, texture and density and they automatically ask me how I do it because it’s so hard! Well curlies, I don’t think that the issue is how difficult it is to manage our hair; instead, I think it’s because it’s simply uncommon nature to us–especially, for some of us have been solely dependent on straightening or perming our hair all our lives to be able to deal with it.  Some of our journeys include years of protective styling with weaves or extensions…surely, there’s nothing wrong with this! However, it’s what we are used to.  We don’t know any other way of caring for our natural hair so when we finally dive in it appears hard, tedious or impossible.  What’s the trick? Simply put, the trick is to keep at it! Don’t give up on your journey and don’t give up on your hair.  You owe it to yourself to be patient, keep learning and embracing this process of loving you.  And of course…with time, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

MYTH #2: “Being natural is easy…”

While it isn’t hard, it’s definitely not easy! I know, I know…it sounds complicated. It really isn’t! The natural hair lifestyle is as simple as you make it.  Yes, it will take a few trial and error runs to figure out your regimen and what products/styles work for you but isn’t that everything in life? No one is really born an expert because almost anything requires some level of education, patience as practice.  It takes time, effort and consistency but you’ll get there.  In the meantime, you can be reassured by the fact that you’re not the only one! Let’s help, uplift and encourage one another in the natural hair community! =)

MYTH #3: “Natural? I AM NOT chopping all of my hair off!”

This seems to be a popular myth that circulates throughout the natural hair community.  You DO NOT NEED to big chop to start your natural hair journey. If you should chose to, that’s your decision and it’s a commendable decision as it is not a choice taken by every naturalista. You do have the choice to transition and all that means is you gradually cut off your damaged/straight ends while allowing your hair to grow out (no perm).  At your own pace.  Whichever path you take just be encouraged and know that it is YOUR CHOICE.  Sure there are people that have the unjust notion that you’re less or more of a natural if you big chop versus transition.  It’s all about you! Make your choice, embrace your process and don’t allow anyone to discredit your journey! Embarking this journey speaks volumes on our ability to be brave and we all are courageous in doing so!

MYTH #4: “Natural hair is just a trend!”

This statement is purely subjective in my opinion.  It’s not a trend, it’s a way of us empowering ourselves to be who we were created to be.  It’s not just a movement for today, it’s a switch in our mindset and lifestyle for years to come.  In taking the time to care for our hair, we begin to learn how to care for ourselves on a grander scheme.  We learn to take care of our purpose, we learn to care for our spirit, we learn to care for our hearts, we learn to care for our bodies and our minds.  Most of all we learn to share and care for others, allowing us to be more in tune with others on their journeys as well.

All in all, your natural hair journey will teach you so much beyond the shafts of your hair as you will also learn an ample amount about yourself.  At first it may seem fearful, you may even tap into some areas of insecurity and uncertainty. Fear not–it’s all unfamiliar territory but as you let go and learn to love your hair, you will also learn to love yourself.  There’s a sense of empowerment, strength and courage that you adopt in loving the person that God created you to be.  It’s a slow and steady journey for some but always worth it! I’ve living it!

Talk to you all soon, light and love…

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