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January 22,2014

Whom is this in reference to? Me. So many beautiful naturals that I know personally.  Perhaps, it may even be you all who are reading this.

What does it mean to be an imperfect natural? It means to be yourself…all of yourself; including your hair. You see, this is so very important because so many of us struggle with this concept of being natural. Whether we’ve been natural for a day or our whole lives. At some point, we all struggle with feeling comfortable and beautiful with our God given tresses.

Its too kinky, its too wavy, it isn't corporate enough

In the realm of hair, so many of us get wrapped up in this picture perfect curl.  Some of us are too fearful to wear our natural texture.  “It’s too kinky,” we say.  “It’s too wavy,” she says.  “It’s not acceptable for this crowd”, they say.  “It isn’t corporate enough,” we think.  So we roll it, we tuck it, we pin it. We weave it, braid it, twist it. We put it away…as a protective style? For the most part, yes. But some of us do it to protect ourselves.  To protect ourselves from the stares. From the uncomfortable interrogation sessions with the public.

Whose guilty of this? I know I have been. Guilty of putting my hair in a slick bun before an interview because I wanted to overwhelm the professionals with my whit and intelligence in place of overwhelming them with my kinky, curly fro.  Guilty of straightening my hair for years on end as a means of blending in instead of standing out with my big hair.  Although I’ve gained so much more confidence in my natural hair journey, I’d be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t still struggle with being “picture perfect.”

So you see? We are our worst critics.  Always in our heads. Always in our hair.  We “think ”our hair rather than “wear” our hair.  Being natural, should be freeing.  It shouldn’t mean that we scrutinize every variety of curl on our head or someone else’s head for that matter. Because you see there’s no such thing as the perfect curl.  No such thing as the perfect head of hair.  No such thing as the perfect length.  So being bound to our hair expectations robs us from having a truly liberating natural hair journey.

Thus, I challenge you. I challenge me.  To care a little bit less. Hear me out.  I’m not suggesting that we don’t tend to the nurturing and care of our hair…Never. lol However, I propose that we simply get out of our heads.  If you’re the naturalista that inspects her curls or her ends every day, I challenge you to put it up.  Try more protective styles, be more creative.  Try styles that don’t allow you to constantly speculate your hair. Be free ladies. Be imperfect.  Be natural. Be you.

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