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The Aftermath

October 3, 2018

FAQ: "How has your hair thrived through pregnancy into your postpartum period?" 

...the PRE-...

I wish I had some lavish story to share guys but the honest truth is I don't feel like my hair grew any more than it would have if I weren't pregnant.  That being said, my hair did grow but I don't really attribute it to the hormonal changes I encountered with my pregnancy.  Rather, I think my hair grew because of how I cared for it.

While pregnant, I made sure to have a little fun with my hair. For instance,  I revisited my  copper-toned tresses and had my hair colored (stylist: @rimmysparkles)--this time with an ombre vibe--totally dope! As my pregnancy progressed, I grew more restless when it was time to do anything with my hair.  Still, I somehow managed to keep up with my wash and style regimen.  At some point, I resorted to twisting my own hair on a weekly basis as a means of protecting it.  Even when twisting my hair, I literally needed to pause and sit for breaks from my huffing and puffing.  lmao I was a SIGHT TO SEE HUNTY! 

For my maternity shoot, I picked out a two-week old twistout to achieve my biggest fro yet! It was definitely one of my favorite looks.  What most people don't know is I ran home afterward and put it in two dookie braids for the rest of the week under a hat.  lmao Hey man, the 3rd trimester is no joke--it's a wonder I still have any hair.  lol Towards the very end of my pregnancy, I decided to straighten my hair after almost five years without heat.  Don't worry, It lasted about a month and it was THEE BEST BREAK I had gotten from hair maintenance.  

...the POST-...

As for my postpartum journey (in regards to hair), I've ironically experienced MAJOR HAIR GROWTH! Not to mention, it feels ten times thicker!!! It's the most bizarre thing seeing as though it's very typical for women to lose their hair due to declined estrogen levels.  Now, I am noticing some early signs of thinning around my edges but nothing too serious.  I've actually been hitting those areas with some castor and coconut oil.  I've also been making sure that I continue to take my prenatal vitamins.  I’m currently almost 9 months postpartum and still breastfeeding, so I presume my body is still leveling out my hormones.  While postpartum, I’ve also gotten a much-needed haircut to give all of that growth some shape and also dyed my hair back to black.  

Surely should anything change, I'll definitely keep you guys posted especially because that will more than likely mean I'll need to toggle my hair regimen some more to remedy it! 

Catch you in the next one! ;-)

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